Co-creation of medical research, The technology of Hbada ergonomic Chair

Co-creation of medical research, The technology of Hbada ergonomic Chair
With the rapid development of social productivity, more and more functional workers maintain a long-term sitting position daily. The "sedentary family" has become an inseparable part of society. With the development of social benefits, the health problems of sedentary people Have also become one of the focus of attention.

It is urgent to pay attention to the health of the sitting posture
Hbada E3 Chair

"The waist is where the human body is most stressed when sitting in a sitting position. Many people suffer from mild lumbar muscle strain. Even many young and energetic people are unaware they have suffered from mild lumbar muscle strain or Other lumbar spine and spine-related diseases." Hbada researches the problems of sedentary people and is committed to continuous efforts for human health. Cooperation and communication with orthopedic surgeons is the company's key research object in research and development.

Doctors first, in-depth analysis of the pain points of sedentary people

Hbada believes that orthopedic surgeons are often precise about the pain points of ergonomic chair users. In communicating with them, they can understand the parts of the human body more refinedly and understand the user's problems more clearly and honestly. Hbada is willing to invest a lot of time and energy in this. E3 is an ergonomic chair specially developed by Hbada after three years of technical research and development.

Three-zone waist support, ergonomic chair innovation
Hbada E3 Chair

The E3 series has always been different from other ergonomic chairs in that its lumbar support is designed as adaptive three-zone lumbar support, and the adaptive 3-zone lumbar support is a three-zone separation design made of leather and high-elastic mesh fabric. Compared with traditional chairs, it has carried out technological innovation and upgrades that led to the reform of the industry, and it is reflected in that it starts from the two aspects of office workers' "lumbar pain" and lumbar spine health, and carries out lumbar support center and left and right flanks. The waist is in the middle and left and right sides. The waist muscles can be effectively supported, and the support can be dynamically adjusted according to the waist transformation. The technical innovation design of the support zone realizes the ideal "three-zone waist support" mode.

Technology upgrade, E3 makes another breakthrough

"Good product design is to meet people's needs without a sense of existence, and this need is unconscious, just like tailor-made; satisfying such unconscious behaviors and pain points is exactly what we hope for in Hbada. Keep the most valuable part of the product and present it in a neat and natural style, which consumers prefer." The Hbada market researcher said: "In August, we will launch an improved version of the new product in response to the problems before E3. Released this time, we have brought a new technical upgrade: the synchronous tilting chassis, the E3 equipped with the synchronous tilting chassis can bear a larger weight range and can make adaptive adjustments according to people of different body sizes and weights, and control the back In this way, everyone can find the best adjustment angle that suits their physical health, and is more adaptable to and fit the needs of different groups of people for the health of sitting posture." With the rapid development of technology and technology today, Hbada hope to bring consumers a more comfortable and healthier life experience. They believe that the birth of products should focus on users' pain points rather than the functional nature of the product itself.



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