HBADA E3 Ergonomic Office Chair (Without footrest) -Black

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Hbada E3 ergonomic office chair combines the latest technologies to help you maintain a comfortable posture and live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Innovative Ergonomic Office chair
  • Three-zone Elastic Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Ergonomic Design
  • Enjoyable Sitting & Reclining

3-year warranty, parts only replaced but not repaired

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T-Shape Support System

Originally created by HBADA.
Solve the discomfort caused by the "3 kinds of hurts resulted from long-time sitting“ by supporting the [neck-waist- shoulder]

Three-zone Elastic Lumbar Support

A large wrap around the waist with 8-way adjustment Enjoy long-time sitting

  • Left and right floating wings rotate 40° internally and externally
  • 14° dynamic support
  • Adjust front and back by 1",adjust up and down by 1.6"


Effectively Support Your Neck
Fit for different heights and sitting posture.
Leaning forward / sitting / leaning back any
movement are close to the neck to completely
release the cervical vertebrae sedentary pressure.

  • Adjust up and down by 1.8”
  • Dual-axis rotation 70°

High elasticity cushion

No numbness of legs when sitting for a long time

  • 16.5% breathable mesh is fully covered to realise superior comfort and durable support.
  • Nylon and yarn provide superior support
  • Full Mesh Coverage


Moving flexibly for pleasing arm support
Freely adjust in 3 dimensions to support your arms and relax your shoulders

Auto gravity-sensing chassis

Featuring advanced gravity-sensing technology, the Gravity-sensing Chassis office chair intuitively detects changes in the user's weight and posture.


fits different leg lengths and heights.
Adjustable seating depth. precisely supports the leg length of different heights.


Just lean back and take a nap.Enjoy unparalleled comfort with the 140-degree reclining feature, allowing you to lean back and relax with ease.


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Product Information

Detailed product specifications and dimensions and other information




Alloy Steel

Product Dimensions

27.5"D x 27.5"W x 40"H

Item Weight

57.2 Pounds

Back Style

Solid Back

Maximum Weight Recommendation

300 Pounds

Included Components


HBADA E3 Ergonomic Chair

HBADA 3D lumbar pillow
·fixed waist
·relax muscles
·improved circulation
The best choice for hours of work

This chair is amazing! It supports my lumbar and provides comfort during long work hours. The seat design keeps me comfy, while the lumbar support is spot on. Finally, I can sit at my desk for hours without feeling fatigued!

Alexander Johnson

One of the best office chairs I've ever used! It's not just about the aesthetics; it's about the support and comfort it provides. Since I started using this ergonomic chair, my lower back pain has significantly diminished. Highly recommended!

Maria Rodriguez

I stumbled upon this ergonomic chair while searching for something suitable for extended work sessions. From the moment I sat in it, I knew I had found the perfect fit. Its seat cushion and backrest offer ideal support, and the material is incredibly durable.

Benjamin Smith


Product specification


4D Headrest

3D Headrest




Lumbar support
Three-zone Elastic
Three-zone Elastic







Frequently Asked Questions about HBADA

Our Email: service@heibaidiao.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 561 reviews
Xi Yang
Great Looking Comfortable Chair!

So far I'm happy with the purchase. Good lumbar support, the neck support helps take the stress off my neck from sitting all day. The armrest are soft and adjustable the only draw back is they move out of place very easily. This is a major inconvenience. Everything else about the chair I like it's a great value for the price point.

5'4" headrest absolutely perfect fit

Not a single review mentioned height at 5 feet 2-4" so I did. This chair is the first to fit my height and the neck totally reaches the headrest perfectly. I give this a solid 4. Knocked off one star due to the horrible instructions and decent build quality. The seat is very comfortable and durable. I'm 200lbs and have no regrets buying this chair. Will update review as time passes.

Melissa Weber
Comfortable and EASY to assemble

Some reviews complain about the assembly, and I imagine this is due to the chair's many parts and many screws. For example, the base of the chair has six parts, not including the wheels: a center piece, and five legs, each leg attached to the center piece with two screws. I've had other (cheaper, weaker) chairs where this is delivered as a single complete piece, or as pieces that slot together without screws. Each arm also has four screws - two attaching the separate pieces of the arm, and then two more to attach it to the seat. The design is also generous with spacers to support the screws - the arms have five spacers each.

However, the single most annoying part of assembling an office is attaching the back to the seat. Generally the attachment is purely with screws, so you have to fully hold two heavy objects close together in an awkward way while you get the screws in. I've done this many times with many chairs and it's always been a massive dreaded pain. This chair's different: the back slides onto a mount attached to the seat, and then, although it still isn't stable without screws, all you have to do is support it while you insert the screws. By reducing the difficulty of the SINGLE worst part of office chair assembly, this chair absolutely doesn't deserve any complaints about its assembly.

For the comfort and ergonomics, I only have one complaint: the arm rotation is adjustable and I have no use for that feature and only ever activate it unintentionally. This chair has a single control for the gas cylinder where a chair five times its price would have three other controls and position locks. Depending on your body type you might not find the dynamic lumbar support comfortable, but for me it's a very nice chair.

Odette A.
Awesome chair

This chair is very comfortable and love the foot rest. Even the arm rests are adjustable. I work from home and was looking for a great chair and decided to give it try. It’s a keeper!

Parsa Naraghi
Very Comfortable Office Chair

This chair is quite amazing. It feels very comfortable, supports your back, has height adjustable armrests, and feels quite durable. The mesh like material of the seat and back are great to avoid sweating and provide ventilation after hours of sitting. It even has a foot rest that comes out and lets your extend your legs.

Putting the chair together was also quite easy. There's a video as well that helps you with the visuals, and it took probably around 20 minutes to put together.

Highly recommend at a great price.