Hbada E2 Ergonomic Office Chair-Black

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Barry Muniz
Have not heard back

Sent an email saying my chair my chair reclined and not it won’t go back into the upright position. Wanted to return or get repaired, but I did not hear from anyone. Not happy with the customer service at all.

shelly hager
Comfortable Ergonomic Chair, Perfect for the home office

This is an awesome chair, that is a real lifesaver because I work from home and I did not have a good office chair and I was noticing that my posture is suffering. This chair is comfortable and promotes proper sitting and posture. I also really like the foot rest that I can flip up and put my feet up. It is very comfortable.

The chair was a little difficult to assemble, the instructions were not very clear, and the video was informative, but I had to watch it several times. All the pieces went together nicely, and this chair is totally worth the time it took to assemble.

Comfy ergonomic chair

Love the look of the product, also very comfy ergonomic chair which helps sitting posture and back support. Great product especially for those of who work from home all day!
The only thing wish it is better is the installation instructions, happen to read backward and took some time to put it together by one person.
Overall, great product! Very modern looking.

The breathable mesh material promotes airflow, keeping you refreshed with extended work sessions.

The Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair exudes comfort with its meticulously engineered design. Its 3D adjustable armrests allow for precise positioning to support your forearms and shoulders, reducing strain and discomfort. The adjustable lumbar support provides targeted support to your lower back, ensuring optimal posture and alleviating back pain.

With its adjustable features, the Hbada Office Chair caters to individuals of varying heights and body types. Whether you're working from a home office, a commercial setting, or gifting it to someone special, you can customize the chair to provide the perfect fit and support.

My family loves the high-density foam padding that contours to your body, providing optimal support and reducing pressure points. The breathable mesh material promotes airflow, keeping you cool and refreshed even during extended work sessions.

Its sturdy construction and durable materials ensure longevity, even with heavy usage. The sleek and modern design complements any office décor, making it a stylish and functional choice.


It arrived the day before yesterday. I couldn't wait to unbox it. It was very easy to install. It matches my computer desk very well and it's very comfortable to sit on. Thank you.