How long an office chair lasts

How long an office chair lasts
The lifespan of your office chair will depend on how well it’s made. A good quality office chair typically lasts up to 10 years. Entry-level chairs will give you at least five years’ service.

What affects the lifespan of an office chair?
Many factors affect the lifespan of an office chair, starting with the original manufacturer. The better the build, the longer the lifespan.

The manufacturing materials are a factor, including the upholstery. The better quality, the more wear and tear a chair can endure.

How a chair is used affects its longevity. Office chairs that are used frequently or misused wear out faster.

Office chairs must be regularly serviced. Skipping maintenance will harm the chair’s lifespan.

Signs that an office chair needs replacement
Some office chair components can be repaired or replaced. When other parts malfunction, the chair may be finished. If multiple parts go wonky at the same time, this usually means a replacement is in order.

Here are reasons you need a new office chair:

a vital component has stopped working and can’t be fixed
the chair doesn’t have the right features e.g. no tilt or lumbar support
it’s too large or small for the user or office space
the seat cushion has collapsed
the chair causes pain or discomfort
it doesn’t suit the office corporate branding
a combination of the above.
Tips for making an office chair last longer
These tips will make your office chair last longer.

Regular cleaning
Dust all the crevices to remove dust, grime and dirt. The upholstery should be regularly vacuumed.

Clear out the castors
Castors pick up dust, dirt and hair as they roll over the floor, especially carpets. Vacuum the castors regularly to remove these fibres. Use a toothpick to loosen and remove hairs.

Tighten loose bolts
Bolts work their way loose over time, no matter what type of chair you have. Use an Allen key or spanner to tighten the bolts every couple of months.

Proper usage
Always sit properly in your chair and don’t misuse it. Using your chair as a stool, for example, can damage the chair and is unsafe.

Treat leather when needed
If the chair is made from real leather, you will increase the upholstery’s lifespan by treating the leather with leather cream.

Periodic servicing
A chair manufacturer or churn manager will give your chairs regular services and repairs to stop small problems from becoming big and unfixable ones.

Company approaches to chair replacement
Most large companies replace a percentage of their office chairs every year. This ensures they’re in good condition without having to replace the entire stock at great expense.

Alternatively, they might keep replacement chairs onsite. Faulty chairs can be swapped out permanently or temporarily while the original chair is repaired.

Onsite management of office furniture and chairs drastically reduces the need for replacement furniture.

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